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He’s mostly on time
no matter the weather
no jacket no gloves
he likes the cold

Like an energized bunny
he dances in place
to his own special beat
waiting outside
for his big yellow ride

Pacing, smiling, earbuds in place
humming his sound
head facing down
his eyes seldom rise
as people walk by
dogs stop and stare
a light from within
shines joy in his world
oblivious to mine
no one can know
what goes on in his mind


Oh, Love It!! Reminds me of my middle son, now 32. Add to no coat, etc, no shoes for him . . .

I'd click that like button, but I'm not seeing one. Great job, anyway!!!!
As a paraeducator, my wife rode the bus on occasion. She supervised special needs kids.
If she had your gift of words, I'm sure she would paint a similar picture.
Thank you so much Anita... they are special!

Thank you Winston. It’s an appreciated

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