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Sealed Acquaintance (646/650)

Guys, I feel so nervous! Did I just ... what? Yes, I submitted an entry to another contest! Never have I ever been inspired to write a story from a song. You guys really challenged me! I would like to thank those who do read and critique my work. Yes, you, judges! I am ready to improve my writing for 2016. I am ready to pursue my first YA novel. Ugh, I can't believe I wrote this! You guys really inspired me! Thank you. I am ready to be open minded and take what you give me. I am ready to move on, and grow from everything offered here.

PrinzeCharming;1951377 said:
Sealed Acquaintance
Inspired by Sam Hunt's Take Your Time

Burkville, a small town nestled in northeastern Connecticut, engaged the community with annual events and fundraisers near the high school. Burkville Academy, home of the Burkville Griffins, is a boarding and day school with less than four hundred students enrolled. The students were taught to explore their opportunities for the next four years, except for finding love. High school was a time for self-discovery without drowning in the stagnant waters of a small rural community. The student body represented a school of bass eating everything that passed through the front doors of the Learning Center. The struggle to get laid with someone new was as real as the desperate attempt behind cannibalism. It’s a mammal. Mammals have meat. Survival requires protein. Meat has protein. Let’s eat them.

The students were split up as either friend zoned or poor choices. The nerds were the parasitic leaches attached to the sidelines waiting for their share. On a good day, it was someone’s hair follicle placed on a microscope slide. The teacher’s pet would try to use their slide as extra credit, but that never worked in their favor until they enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology. It was required that all extra credit relates to the current lesson. The ecstatic faces lit up as soon as they discussed Trichology.

“Ew, this one is gray!” a student proclaimed to the class after careful examination under the microscope.

Mrs. Reid, the oldest science teacher in the Albert Winsted Science Complex, lit up with a beautiful shade of pink. She slowly caressed what was left on her head. The class chuckled as they watched her become self-conscious.

Mrs. Reid’s class was one of the homeroom classes allowing the students to transition to breakfast before class began. It was seven o’clock on a Monday morning when the daily traffic of students rushed to the dining facility for homemade pancakes topped with Vermont’s pure maple syrup. There were sausage patties, waffles, a wide range of boxed cereals, freshly picked fruit from the nearby orchards, and a smorgasbord of beverages. As everyone settled, a sudden angelic glow passed through the main doors. Jessica Harley, the new Burkville Academy transfer, had a radiant smile that would mandate Braille on everyone’s schedule. The jocks acted as predators on top of the large food pyramid living in an ecosystem of cliques and territorial instincts. The cheerleaders rolled their eyes as Jessica followed Mr. Huckleberg, the dedicated principal of nearly four decades, on an exclusive tour of the campus. Jessica returned back to the dining facility and sat down with the Drama Club as they were discussing their next play.

Jessica quickly engaged in the conversation with a brief introduction. “Hey guys! I’m Jessica. I’m new here. Did I hear that correctly? You’re planning to host another play?”

The group nodded. “Yes, welcome to Burkville Academy! Would you be interested in auditioning for Little Annabelle?” the president of the club asked.

Jessica’s enthusiasm was contagious. “Would I? Yes! What’s it about?”

The president cleared his throat. “Annabelle is a young teen who discovers how dreams are the imagery of procrastinators. She interviews her friends and makes a few of their dreams come true.”

Jessica nods. “Where’s the sheet?”

The group laughed. “There isn’t one. We already nominated you!”

Jessica thanked everyone at the table, and then paused when she discovered my hand reached out for hers. She smiled as we exchanged our handshake. It was difficult to release Jessica’s soft hands pressed against mine.

“I’m Alex. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hey, I’m Jessica. Thanks!”

I leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I like your Tiffany necklace. It suits your character.”

Jessica giggled. “Thanks, but you don’t know me.”

I nodded. “No, but I am willing to listen.”

I signaled Jessica to follow me to the courtyard outside the dining facility.

She kissed me. Butterflies danced inside.


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