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Scientists to Clone Earth's Stump


Scientists to clone massive planet from Earth's 'stump'.

Digging between the 'ruined-off' landscape, the collapse of former buildings, roads or other, passing through multi-layers of debris,
polymers, metals, blended oxides, carcinogenic residues, and searching for remnants of biosphere, an un-manned probe successfully penetrated the hardened layers finding and removing what scientists believe to be actual organic matter from beneath the many layers of...

" ...what did they find?...Think of sedimentary formation- a colorful neapolitan ice cream of man-made, human-produced waste-matter. We're talking decades- excuse me - centuries actually - nearly three centuries worth of deposit from over a thousand years-ago, before the Great Dispersal.

"We'd actually found something, and next we began 'growing' it. We think we can reproduce a full-sized, living, viable 'Greenworld'. Yes, just like in the fantasy."



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