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Sangreville / Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Am I going to die tonight? I wondered, as Paula drove me and Diana through the dark early evening, away from our new apartment, headed toward Roxanna's home. Tonight, some vampire guy would be "doing whatever he wants" to my bare boobied body. He might lose self control, ignore the terms of the Truce and "accidentally" kill me. Paula said she'd be keeping an eye out for me, but something might happen anyway.

Until tonight, the only guy who I'd ever let do anything he wanted to my naked body was Larry; and what he did was fk me in a 'gentlemanly way', that left me very satisfied, with no hickeys or bruises. Would a hungry vampire be that considerate?

I'd now been here in Vampire Town for a week, and the only vampire I'd met so far was my cousin Paula, the former Vampstaker, who seemed to have everything, especially her own bloodlust, under control. But Paula was an extraordinary woman. I was sure that the vamp who'd be biting my neck, wouldn't have any more self control than any sadistic guy when he's getting rough with a woman.

We reached Roxanna's house in a little more than 10 minutes. She greeted us at the front door, wearing only a very short skirt, hanging to the tops of her thighs, a necklace dangling between her naked boobs and a pair of earrings. She escorted us downstairs to a finished basement, where two bare breasted girls who also attended Sangreville High, were seated on a plush sofa, each making out with a bare chested guy, who was also among our classmates. One of the girls was Loretta Cabell, who was seated on the sofa, in Nathan's lap. They were kissing hot and wet, so were the other girl and her guy.

Four bare chested, Sangreville High guys were standing in the room, holding cocktail glasses containing some kind of drink. Other half emptied cocktail glasses stood on a coffee table in front of the sofa. A strong smell of alcohol filled the room.

Roxanna called out, "Everybody's here now! It's time to start!"

When the four guys saw Roxanna, Paula, Diana and me enter the room bare boobied, they all grinned and put down their drinks. Loretta and Nathan got up off the sofa, so did the other couple who were making out.

Roxanna walked up to one of the four guys without girls. They put their arms around one another, held each other tight and kissed heavily. Paula walked up to another guy, and did the same, as did Diana with a different guy. Loretta went into the arms of the guy who'd been making out with the other girl on the sofa.

At this same time a grinning Nathan approached me. I walked up to him. He took me in his arms. I put mine around him. I pressed my naked "detonators" up against his hairy chest, ready to go bang. We began kissing heavily.

"If you want to eff me tonight," I told him, "I want it too."

That's what he wanted, and that's what we did. That's what every one of us in Roxanna's finished basement did that night.

We'd been going at it for about an hour and a half. By then every one of us was naked, drunk and effd.

That was when Paula called out, "Okay everyone! Time to begin the fang-bang!"

We all stood up, and separated from our partners. Then we got back into our pants or skirts. Paula had extended her fangs. She walked over to Nathan. They went into each other's arms.

Paula put her mouth against his neck, and bit her fangs in, causing his blood to flow. She began suck his blood out, gulping it down.

At that same moment, everyone began to count. "One-thousand-one! One-thousand-two! One-thousand-three! One-thousand-four..."; and on, until they reached "One-thousand-ten!"

Paula quickly pulled back from him, with a satisfied smile on her lips. Nathan looked woozy, trying to keep his balance. He quickly sat down on the sofa, with a hand against the wounds in his neck. There was a large pack of bandages and a large bottle of ointment on the coffee table. Paula quickly applied both to his neck.

Then she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said, "Thank you stud."

At the same time, the guy who Paula had been making out with displayed his own vampire fangs. He went over to Nathan's girlfriend Loretta, who took him in her arms, and accepted his bite and gulps while everyone counted up to "One-thousand-ten!" Then he helped apply the medication and bandage to her neck.

Now Diana told me, "He's 'Mr. Goodbite'. He's the only vamp guy here. He's gonna bite all of us live girls. Paula's gonna bite all the live guys. By the time it's over, they'll both be fully nourished and we'll all still be alive."

Diana walked up to him, and let him have her neck; while Paula walked up to another guy and gave him a bite.

That's what happened with all of us girls and guys at the fang-bang. Mr. oodbite took me in his arms, and stabbed his fangs into my neck. The bite wasn't too deep, but it hurt really good. I felt his cold mouth against my neck, and his cold tongue licking up my blood, while people standing beside us counted.

"One-thousand-one! One-thousand-two! One-thousand-three! One-thous..."

I was beginning to weaken.

I prayed silently, Forgive me Lord. Please keep me from dying. Keep me from dying. Keep me from...

I was aware of nothing.

I opened my eyes, and found myself seated on the sofa, while Paula, Diana and Mr. Goodbite hovered around me. I felt Paula patting a bandage over the wounds in my neck.

I looked at Mr. Goodbite. "Did you kill me?" I asked nervously. "Am I dead? Am I a vampire? Am I getting my fangs on now?"

"None of those things, Cousin Elaine." Paula grinned, "You just fainted. Happens to a lot of girls their first time. You are now an officially initiated Hellmouth Gal."

Around midnight, Paula drove Diana and me home. She dropped me off at the apartment. Then my undead Vampstaker cousin drove Diana back to the Sheridan's house and herself back to her Sangreville U dorm.

I went inside the apartment house, and entered our apartment. I'd put my skirt back on, and made sure my hair was combed neatly again, and my make-up re-applied, but I couldn't remove the very big grin from my face. My mother was waiting up for me, still sitting on the living room couch.

She asked me uneasily, "So how did things go at the fang-bang? Did you have a good time?"

"Yes mother. I had a good time. I got effd by a boy named Nathan. He's gonna be writing dirty things about me on one of the students' websites."

She sighed. Then she said, "You have bandages on your neck."

I nodded. "I also got bit by a vampire, but I didn't die. Nobody did."

She asked, "Were there any problems?"

"Well." I admitted, "While I was getting nibbled and sucked out by the vampire, I fainted."

"You fainted?"

"Just for a moment; but I didn't die and I'm not a vampire."

"That's good to know."

"One more thing;" I told her, "I won't be attending any more fang-bangs."


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