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Sangreville / Chapter 4

Chapter 4

In the evening after my first day at Sangreville High, while my mother and I stayed at my Aunt Josephine's house, I was doing my homework in Diana's room, stretched out along the bed, while Diana sat at the desk, both of us working with our laptop computers.

The door opened and her 20-year-old sister Paula entered, also casually dressed in the same type of shorts and skimpy top that we were wearing. Paula was a student at Sangreville U. where she lived in a dorm room. On Saturday night she'd come across town from the campus to greet us, and did the same on Sunday night.

Diana greeted her. "Hi Paula."

Her sister smiled and I gasped at what I saw. Then I sat up straight on the edge of the bed.

Paula asked, "Is there a problem Elaine?"

I'd begun trembling again. "You've got fangs." I told her. "You're a vampire."

"Don't worry." Diana again spoke with amusement. "She doesn't bite."

"Oh yes I do," Paula, who also looked amused, assured me, "but only at fang-bangs, and then I only bite guys."

I tried to calm down. "But you didn't have fangs when you came over on Saturday, or last night."

"Yes I did, but I kept them retracted. Now I'm alone with my sister and my cousin, so I figure I can relax and just be myself."

She sat down on the bed beside me, with her pair of long sharp fangs protruding downward between her open, smiling lips.

"Ohhhh!" I sighed, put my hands on my forehead and shook my head. "Things here are just too much for me to deal with!"

"It'll be okay Elaine." Paula assured, "All you need is some studly vamp guy to stick his fangs in you, and you'll feel a lot better about everything."

"Right." Diana added, "I always feel a lot better about everything, after I've had a studly guy sticking some rigid part of himself inside of me."

"So do I," I told them, "but that's when that part is his (deleted)."

They both laughed. Then my trembling stopped.

Now I spoke to Paula, "I was told that you're the Vampstaker."

"True." She said, "That was my title, before the Truce was instituted. Now I help enforce the Truce. Me and my team see to it that no vampires harass or do anything to harm any living people, except in the way that's stated in the Truce:

"'Only during legally defined fang-bangs, when there's mutual consent'. We also see to it that none of the living harass or do anything to harm the undead."

Diana said, "Everyone in Sangreville knows that you don't mess with Paula. Anyone who does loses, totally and for all time."

"Not always." I pointed out, "Somebody who did mess with your sister won, totally and for all time."

Paula chuckled. "No. I wasn't defeated. I got these fangs on by mutual consent. You see, one of the conditions to the signing of the Truce Agreement, was that the Vampstaker had to allow herself to get killed by a vampire. I agreed, on the condition that I wouldn't stay dead, but that I'd be vamped, so I could come back, to be the one in charge of its enforcement.

"Everyone involved agreed to my terms; so at midnight, on the night the Truce was signed, I stood out in front of the Town Hall. Then Jake the Vampire came over to me, and I allowed him to chomp his fangs into my neck, all the way. Then he sucked my blood out 'til I died."

"I see." I asked her, "You're not only the Staker-Vampire; you're also the Chief Law Enforcer of the Living and the Undead in Sangreville?"

"That's right. I now have the legal authority to stake any vamps, or bite to death any live person, who violates the terms of the Truce."

Then she smiled. "Now since everybody in Sangreville High knows that you're my cousin, nobody's gonna be messing with Elaine Harris."

Diana added, "Except when you get nibbled and sipped at a fang-bang where Paula'll be monitoring things."

Paula said, "I'll be there just to make sure that accidents don't happen. Other than that, I won't spoil anybody's fun."

I repeated, "'Fang-bang'?"

Diana told me, "Roxanna and I are gonna be taking part in the next one on Saturday night. Just a little get together, with a few of our friends at her house. And by the way, we won't just be getting nibbled and sipped. We'll also get drunk, get naked, get fkd and most important of all, get away with all of it. Do you want to come along?"

That night, after Paula had returned to Sangreville U, I'd gone to bed in her old room, totally unable to sleep. I couldn't get all the very disturbing things I'd heard and seen that day out of my mind. Very disturbing things that were routine activities, in this community where I was now living. I was actually expected to allow a 'Mr. Goodbite' to stab his fangs into my neck, and suck out "about a coffee-mug-full of blood", at a "little fang-bang" on Saturday night?

I kept thinking of Diana's question. "Do you want to come along?"

If I don't, I wondered, will I be in some kind of trouble? If I could avoid the vampire biting, I'd like to go along with Diana to that fang-bang. I'd like to get drunk, naked and fkd, especially when I can get away with it all. But I knew I won't be getting away with anything. There are always consequences. "If I do bad things, bad things will happen to me."

The bad thing that could possibly happen is that I'll get nibbled by a vampire who'll have an accident; and I'll die and come back as a vampire myself; so I should obviously avoid going to that fang-bang, or any fang-bang. But if I don't go, who knows what kind of trouble I might be in?

I spent the next few days getting accustomed to my new School and Community. Like I said, the curriculum and classes weren't all that different from how they'd been back in my old school. Neither were the kids. However, I did have to make major changes to my wardrobe. I started attending classes dressed in very short skirts or tight shorts, and very skimpy halter-tops. I'd also bought myself a thin mesh top; but I wasn't ready to wear it yet.

On Wednesday after school, just to see what it was like, I spent some time walking l around downtown, with my boobs naked in public. I felt completely natural, and not at all embarrassed. Nobody walking past me seemed to mind. I saw my reflection in shop windows, and I thought I looked good. But when it was time to return to my Aunt Josephine's place for dinner with my mother, I put my halter back on, long before I got to the house.

The next day at school I did wear my new thin mesh top with no undergarment, so everyone could see my nipples, and see that I was becoming a regular Sangreville High girl. Nathan came over to me, looking me over and smiling.

He said, "You really do look good in that top garment Elaine."

I smiled back at him. "Thank you Nathan."

"But I still think you'd look even better without it."

"Well you might," I continued to smile "if you just happen to see me that way downtown after school."

After school that day, I was again walking around downtown without any top garment, when Nathan walked past me. Unfortunately, Loretta was beside him. Wouldn't you know it?

The three of us said 'Hi", while Nathan looked me over really good, while grinning.

I sighed. I'd love to have him fk me, I thought, but I don't want any trouble with Loretta.

Then I returned home to the apartment, this time I remained topless, with the transparent mesh top in my handbag.

I told my mother, "I'm dressing this way, just to fit in here. It feels completely natural and comfortable," I giggled," and it's a lot of fun."

"I understand that," she told me, "But it's still very difficult for me to deal with."

I continued hanging out with Diana and Roxanna, and a few other girls. I was the only one in the group without a hickey. They all accepted that as a temporary condition, which they expected me to have corrected, during the next fang-bang on Saturday night at Roxanna's.

I told Diana, "I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready to go through with getting nibbled and sipped by a vampire, no matter how sexy he bites."

"Listen Elaine." She said, "If you don't get it done this weekend, people'll start calling you a wussy pussy."

"I'm not a wussy Diana!"

"If the Vampstaker's own cousin chooses to ignore the terms of the Truce, that's what everyone at Sangreville High'll think. Paula allowed herself to be killed to put the Truce into effect, so it's not asking too much for you to join the rest of us, and follow its terms, is it?"

That week, while I was attending classes in my new High School, my mother had been looking for a place to rent. She found an apartment just a few blocks from Main Street. On Saturday Aunt Josephine and Diana helped us move in. Then we went out to have an early dinner at a nearby diner.

We returned to the apartment, just as it was getting dark. Since Cousin Paula was a vampire, she was fatally allergic to sunlight; so she hadn't been able to help with the move in the daytime. She showed up at the apartment about a half-hour after sunset.

About 7:30 that Saturday night, Diana, Paula and I came out of my new room in our new apartment. My Mother and Aunt Josephine were seated on the living room sofa, watching Book TV on C-Span. When we stepped into the room, appropriately dressed for the fang-bang, my mother actually gasped. She threw up her arms, shook her head and groaned in aggravation, while Aunt Josephine smiled sweetly.

We three were dressed in skirts of varying lengths. I wore the one I'd had on during my first day at my new school, along with matching heels and nothing above the waist, except for a necklace and earrings. My cousins were similarly dressed.

Aunt Josephine smiled. "Why you girls look lovely tonight, don't they Beth?"

"Josephine!" My mother shouted. "They're bare breasted! They're completely displaying their nipples!"

"We call them 'detonators'." Diana grinned, put her hands on her hips, and thrust her boobs forward. "I've got a pair of artillery shells, and I'm ready to go 'bang! bang!'"

She, Paula, Aunt Josephine and I all laughed, while my mother tried to suppress a smile of her own.

My Aunt explained, "Their ensembles are considered stylishly chic here in Sangreville. Now look at them. Our daughters are truly beautiful women, aren't they?"

"Beautiful skanky bimbo savages!" My mom hesitated. Then she nodded. "Right. They are. Stunningly beautiful! As long as bare breasts are acceptable...I suppose..."

She thought it over. Then she told me, "Elaine. I'm not sure what to say. I hope you'll all have a good time. Just be careful with the vampire boys you'll be meeting tonight."

We three girls with the bare boobs couldn't help chuckle.

Diana asked, "Careful? Aunt Beth, they're gonna be sticking their fangs in us tonight, along with the parts that you expect guys to stick into girls; so they can't help getting rough. That's the entire purpose of the evening."

"When I said 'careful' I was talking about safe sex."

"Mom," I told her, "I've already taken care of that, like I always do."

Paula assured her. "We're all being sexually responsible Aunt Beth."

Mom sighed. "Oh, I don't know what to tell you!"



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