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Sales and Download Stats

I just checked out my total sales from the book stores Draft2Digital distributes to - which I haven't ever done in the two years I've been using them - and see that most of my sales - okay, downloads - come from Barnes and Noble. A handful from Apple, and Inktera, and finally Tolino, which actually is more like a distributor as well, and is located in Europe. In all that time, I've sold nothing of my own, and just two copies of a relative's book for a total of $1.19.

Most of those giveaways are Ride 'Em Tough and A Purrrfect Napping Spot. I was hoping Napping Spot would lead to a few sales of my middle grade novel which features a Maine Coon cat. But . . . nooooo . . .

Still, I get all happy when I log in and see the short stories are getting attention. On the Amazon side, they sell occasionally. I've been trying to get Amazon to offer them free permanently but so far, they're still .99. Same two sell there as well, although I was shocked to discover someone had taken a chance with Thanks to Eustance. That story needs a different cover, but I just don't seem to be able to come up with a concept that fits the story. And it's another that would do better as a novel. Some day, some day.

On Amazon, the sales seem to be mostly from overseas for the short stories, while the novels are US.

If I could just wrap my head around promoting stuff and maybe things won't be so dismal. But that stuff just boggles my brain and my eyes glaze over and I slide off my seat and under my desk . . .

Anyhoo, it's eye opening for me, and I've got to get Amazon to make those stories permanently free. Be fun to see where I get the most downloads from.

I'll take sales from anywhere!


Hi Kami!

On a 99 cent sale from D2D I net about 60 cents while from Amazon it's 35 cents. Now if all those free downloads from D2D had been sales, that would've been great - for me. Still, I am hoping that at some point someone will take a chance with a novel after reading the shorts.

And today, I have another download for the rodeo story. Again, Barnes and Noble.

There are no other fees at D2D. What I like about them is that you can easily convert your Word doc or docx into a nice .epub file and a .mobi - all free - and use it anywhere - unlike Smashwords. They submit the epub copy to all the stores including Amazon. But as I've had my KDP account since 2009, I don't submit through D2D for Amazon. They also supply a free ISBN, which you can use only through them. And that's how it is anywhere.

You can also get a PDF file there as well, but I prefer to do those myself.

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