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Sacred Geometry and Nonsense

First I want to briefly address a blog post you may have seen appear and vanish. I recently had a very harrowing experience, but it turned out to be alright. Out of fear, I turned to writing to calm myself. And just like always, writing stood me in good stead. But the post was disturbing and inappropriate for these forums, so I chose to delete it. It was not the kind of content I wanted to create anyway. Like war times, no time to question this crap, just carry on. Just one more surreal experience to scare poor Sin with.

I got the title of this blog post from an old Hayley Westenra song, "Dark Waltz." You should look it and her up. Good stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to take time to say that I realize how abysmally rambling and dense most of these Journal posts are. They convey very little about the craft and my works. And even the few tales of my life in this old house have started to slowly vanish. There's been a lot of ego-stroking and posturing for a member who has shown exactly none of his works but a half-baked poem he came up with in a single evening. I realize that. At least I know I come off that way. I don't mean anything by it. I guess if you knew me in real life, it might lend the situation some context. I'm a pretty squeaky wheel. I talk a lot, whine a lot, ramble a lot. I started using this blog to let a lot of that out. Just wanted a place to light a few knock-off mental fireworks and take in the sound and fury.

But, that's changing as of tomorrow. Tomorrow this blog goes back to it's original purpose. Tomorrow, I will post my LM entry. Tomorrow, I will finish my current WIP, which after a once or twice over, I might try to workshop it on this site. I'm interested in seeing if, at my full-forces, I can produce a marketable tale. And what's better, after I'm finished with this story, I've already got the next one lined up. Ideas are tippling out of the cracks in the walls of this house. Organizing this blog and joining this forum was the impetus I needed to start a chain reaction.

My current WIP started out as something quite different than what it turned out to be. I wanted to explore group dynamics and the chemistry between friends. Something I remember much like how Gollum remembered what eggs were, from very old memories. But it was a striking facet of life and that's how I began my tale. Several days later, it changed into exploring something far darker. I'm currently deciding between the titles "Internecine" and "The Wind and Rain." Internecine is pretty accurate, the other is much prettier. But I'm afraid neither really advertises the genre and what readers can expect. I'm horrible at titles.

But the next journal entry will be another tale from the Ertan Deep files. I've got a choice of which, honestly. "The Demon at the Dinner Table", "The Mystery of the Haunted Radio", or "The Month Kentucky Froze to Death". I have til the end of the week to make up my mind. So I will retire for the day, write a little on my LM prompt and finish the day with a lemon brandy cocktail and a cigar.

I leave you with a song, if you listen to it, know that I am listening to it too.

As ever, fellow Darklings, I wish you the best,


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Pros: He--interesting, Never occurred to me the writer ia female.--calls himself 'Sinister', but the abbrev. could well be for 'Sincere'. I detect emotional/psychological honesty in content and style
Cons: None so far
Every poet is prepared to expose their inner thoughts, fears, joys, passions. weaknesses. No matter how hard we might try to protect all of it behind characters, fantastic situations, clouded narratives, and stylistic legerdemain . . . our vulnerabilities are tissued through every line we write. But few of us have the balls to lay it all out as STATEMENT. This guy does, and I respect and admire him for it. It helps that he writes well and has a sense of humour, critical to self-revelation.


We all have those days. Don't sweat it. And we'd all probably be better off to let it out from time to time.
We all have those days. Don't sweat it. And we'd all probably be better off to let it out from time to time.
For a person who knows writing more as a cheap form of therapy, I tend to write pretty visceral things. It's a bad habit, but it's earnest. Joining this forum has been an amazing experience and little-by-little I'm learning to reign myself in a bit. It's a process. lol I'm not used to the things I write being read, so I don't have much of a filter. But I'm grateful for the feedback. Being in this place has really offered a lot of good influences.


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