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I flew up to Sacramento last week on business. Never been before.
I was expecting a Merced/Fresno-like town, which is like Bakersfield if you don't know, basically as about a drab, boring, not cosmopolitan place as you can get.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I guess I should've guessed, it being the state's Capitol and all that, but I've been to the Van Nuys Courthouse which is a large fairly modern complex and that place is about as interesting as a fairly modern courthouse building, so some version of that is what I had expected.

What I saw of the city was more Portland/ Seattle- esqe: some actual architecture ( for American standards) and the Capitol was a big white dome, all lit up at night, pretty impressive Congress/Capitol style.

And I drove right on past it.

I was able to stop in the downtown area, find a parking spot, and walk to the yelped vegan restaurant nearby. The neighborhood was your typical downtown, some sketchy- crack or meth smoker, young, and shirtless (presumably)homeless man; assorted disheveled others, and lots of young people.

Must be a college nearby

The sense of menace was low. I give it a 4, maybe only a three. That's good. Better to than where I'm from, which is about a seven, depending on which street or area.


So I found the place, and played Creepy Grandpa.

Evidentially, I had gone time-warp to back whenever it was there were things called 'Beatniks', which is cool - I like beatniks- which it just occurred to me that the '-nik' in beatnik must have been referencing Russia/Soviet Union, nik being a suffix from that( those?) places like Sputnik, Chetnik, or apparatchik...

What a genius I am.

Anyway, the food was good, the cute little ( young!) waitresses didn't make me feel like too much like a creepy Humbert... or Aqualung, watching the pretty- um, whatever those words are. I was definitely out of place and wouldn't go back solo. Creepy Grampa.

A side note: The waitress garb was jazz-dance black with or without stripes, hornrims, pulled back or up hair; some optional colors.
Guys: your standard Fidel Castro beard and glasses- hipster, or some variation thereof.

They were playing music that I thought was strangely exactly like the crap I was listening to in my twenties (which was a long-ass time ago) and then I realized it was Nivarna, the other songs; other than the six they did that were actually ready for prime time.

Probably only the guys there would know this, the girls maybe barely have heard of them, Nivarna*, dude.
As I left/went outside a homeless woman of obvious high intelligence ( seriously: like she was as a proffessor before she'd lost it) looked me up and down pronouncing me "The King Of Ireland". She went on and on about how I didn't care, this King of Ireland , but nevertheless, there I was, The King of Ireland, and again, how I didn't care.

I was wearing a green hoody, and sort of greenish pants (slightly, and I swear my wife had inspected and approved, prior, so it was nothing odd). Maybe it's my puss.

And as always, I passed one of my lowly subjects without so much as a... anything, thinking:
if oim the King, than wharrs me gold?

The rest of the trip is not worth talking about, so I won't bore you ( anymore than I have). I did drive west to east, easy to west, trying to see as much as possible on the way to and from the airport, but it was a business trip, and dinners/lunch were limited to whatever is expected with your standard hanging-out-with-co-workers/networking *Yawn* Sorry.

Sacramento was okay, probably better than okay, and I suspect there is stuff to see and good food to eat. I suspect so...

*yes, it's Nirvana, I know. I liked them, actually.


I knew it...Kevin's bursting to tell us who he really is..telling you he's bored pretending to be average Joe..hope your not a has been from right time right place but one of those from the song..ROCKSTAR by nickleback
Money moves to the seat of government power. The fact Sacramento is somewhat gentrified and infested with hipsters does not surprise me.
I remember "Old Town" was kinda quaint. But yeah, the politicians will not put up with an untidy domain. They know how to take care of themselves.

Now, drive down to nearby Stockton (where there are no pols, nor cushy government jobs). That Menace Level will not stay a 4.

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