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Rome wasn't built in a day...

...neither will I describe my journey in a single post.

Benvenutti a tutti! Ciao Italia!

Okay, enough of silly talk :mrgreen:

They say it's best to start at the beginning. So, let's start.

View attachment 14429

Wow, not that far!

View attachment 14430

That's more like it.

So, we're cruising the highway...

View attachment 14431

... nothing bad can happen, right?


We were just driving, then BAM! there goes our GPS holder. It went on strike and it was impossible to fix it back to the windshield.

Actually, I'm lying - it was possible to fix it back, BUT, it kept falling down, and it was really hard to see anything. What to do? Should the front passenger hold it in its hands for more than 200+ kilometers (we were halfway there)? No siree, absolutely not. So two genius minds came up with a solution. We shall stick the GPS to a car with a gum! Yes, plain old chewing gum.

Hey, we were in the middle of the highway, okay?

As it usually goes, stupid ideas are stupid because they don't work.

What to do next? Shall we buy a glue on the next gas station?

Yes, we shall!

It's worth mentioning that we weren't thinking of gluing the GPS to a car - we ain't that stupid. No, we wanted to glue the little ball that acted like the GPS's joint, making it possible to adjust the GPS in any direction you wanted, and most important - it was keeping it in the height of your eyes.

What happened next? Find out in the tomorrow's episode.

Ha! Just kidding!

We went to the gas station, and found - surprise, surprise - an universal GPS holder! What luck! The gods smiled at us, blessing our journey!

We finally arrived to Rimini, our first day destination.

This is the center, full of ancient remnants.

View attachment 14432

It was a walk in the park. Literally.

View attachment 14433

The Amphitheater was a bit disappointing, maybe because it didn't have it's original shape, still, the remnants are 20 centuries old, and I think that fact speaks for itself.

View attachment 14434

View attachment 14435

Hope it won't collapse like Stonehenge when Clark Grisworld car bumped it...

View attachment 14436

View attachment 14437

Nothing better than to climb centuries old ruins...

View attachment 14438

Park from all sides...

View attachment 14439

Some doors will always be closed...

View attachment 14440

... the only thing you can do is to look through them, longing to discover its secrets...

View attachment 14441

Where do they lead?

View attachment 14442

Interesting pattern on a window...

View attachment 14443

Old fish market in Rimini. Town's square filled with the sounds of kids playing Star Wars theme on the violins... This is what dreams are made of.
View attachment 14444

Legends says this is the place where Jesus fed all those people with a couple of fishes..

View attachment 14445

Tiberius bridge.

View attachment 14446

Leonardo da Vinci, author of "The Da Vinci Code".

View attachment 14447

Julius Caesar, inventor of Caesar's salad.

View attachment 14448

...and that's all for the day One. Stay tuned!


mrmustard615;bt6449 said:
Nice pics. :D

And Caesar didn't invent Caesar salad. He did invent the sewing machine though (or was that Elias Howe? :-k )

Are you sure? :mrgreen:
cesar's salad..ha,ha....you do like sitting on antiquity....did you enter the secret garden........
Schrody;bt6488 said:
No, it was locked :(

well if there was no freindly Robin Redbreast to show you, then you were not meant to enter.....i don't think you belong in a secluded space.....
I can confirm that Caesar did in fact invent Caesar salad, just as Pontius Pilate invented Pilates.

I was a history major, so you can trust me, right?
Gyarachu;bt6502 said:
I can confirm that Caesar did in fact invent Caesar salad, just as Pontius Pilate invented Pilates.

I was a history major, so you can trust me, right?

Thank you for confirming the facts ;)
Schrody;bt6508 said:
Except democracy (okay, not really applicable here), roads, sewer systems...


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