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Romance Book Covers

I was going to start a thread for this elsewhere, but couldn't decide where the proper place would be for it, so I figured, hey, just blog it . . .

I've put all of my books on sale everywhere including my publishing site to which I've added new Buy links to a more secure service. Payment is through PayPal and you get the books sent to you by SendOwl. I signed up for their basic service as I'm not in need of anything complicated and only have those few books.

The basic service only lets me put out 10 products, so for that reason, I'm only offering EPUB from the website. Later, if I actually make any money, I'll upgrade so I can offer PDF and Mobi. Meanwhile, Amazon is the go to place for Mobi. I'll should get a decent return from website sales - not sure what the PayPal fee will be yet, .35 from Amazon, and .52 everywhere else including Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBook's, etc. A complete list can be found on my publishing site, DreamWynd Publishing.

I'm going to be submitting the titles everywhere I can to promote the sale. Some places will promote full price books too, so I'll make a list of those for later. What is hanging me up from dashing right in is my covers for my romances - I'm happy with the middle grade cover. Had a cover design mentor but she let go her forum for helping us wannabes, so I'm a bit lost. Also had artists, in the past, who said they'd work with me but then backed out. Which was frustrating because they had the talent and vision to do what I wanted.

Here is what I have right now.

I don't go in for the naked bodies thing, being a creator of clean sweet romance. And no stock image model ever resembles the characters accurately, anyway. I wish I could slap down a few hundred for a great cover, but right now, all my extra cash is being hoarded for a new home. Covers are important, but so is living space! Yep, we do have a place that actually tapped us on the shoulder! A story for another time. Like when we're actually closing the deal . . .

Here's what I had before:
The design for Thomi is one I paid for years ago. The artist was just starting out, so I didn't pay a lot, and then he let me have the rights to the design afterwards; so I've tweked it over time. This one above is pretty much what he did, but I changed the fonts and took out one of the glasses of wine. I do have his original somewhere saved. Joleigh's designs are my own, and there are three or four others I've used. This green one was the last one I did before the pink version.

Then I read somewhere that the background shouldn't be white and that pink was an in color just now. Also, that books in a series should have a common thread to link them together. So I chose to use the pink background and the same fonts.

I've seen covers on some romances that feature a backyard scene with mountains in the distance; a basket of flowers in a window or hanging from a porch ceiling; a rather sparsely furnished living room in shades of blue, and other such things. So I feel I should be okay with the flower themes, but, you know . . . one still harbors doubts.

I also considered changing the title of Thomi's to Romancing Thomasyna. Originally it was Thomi, or A Favor for a Favor, but then I changed it to The Courting of Thomasyna and then Courting Thomasyna, next, For the Love of Thomi, and finally, All For the Love of Thomi.

I love the fonts in the white background version, however I'd have to pay for the use of them, not once but twice, so I've gone to searching out fonts that are free or paid for, but I can use them over and over again forever.
I welcome feedback as always and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post! :flower:


Dear Anita,
I must say, I like the revised covers better.
The mixed font on Joleigh is eye drawing.
One thing to consider, I learned this from
my nephew years ago whose now 25, he
couldn’t and still can’t read cursive. Today,
in grade school unlike when we were
growing up, cursive is not taught anymore,
at least not in my area, everything is
Maybe the scipt font should be the guest
rather dominant feature if a younger
audience is who you seek...just a thought.
I love the spelling of Thomi and while never
having read the book, A Favor for a Favor
sounds mysterious, if thats your intent.
Jeez, lots to think about!
Yes, it seems that no school wants to teach it anymore. Seems like they should so kids can at least sign their name, but what do I know?

The fonts for Joleigh's pink cover are actually the same as I used for Thomi. I am in constant search of a free for commercial use script font I can love. So far, most of them have a T I can't live with! This font is called You'reInvited . . . I'll probably play around with fonts again, after I've finished Devynn's cover.

I'm glad you like Thomi spelled this way! I love it. And the y in her full name. I'm one for the unique way of spelling names. My family thinks I'm a bit whacked for that . . .

As for who the books are intended for, I guess I'm just after readers of any age who like clean sweet romance.

Maybe I'll consider changing the title back to the original. The favor was and still is, he saved her life, now he wants her to marry him. Why? Well, there's where the complications arise . . .!

Thanks for your feedback, Tuesday!

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