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Rock of the Ages

Mike's Rock of the Ages

This thing is big, at least 1500 pounds but likely more to be 2000 pounds.
We’d spoken often about how to tackle this beast and various ideas were thrown around.


After that we had discussed:
Black Powder
Extreme fracture scalding
Pounding it into submission / breaking it into several pieces with hammer and chisel.

By the end of day one of attacking it with pick, shovel and hoe we’d dug a fair bit around it:


A lot of earth and small stones were being produced and these went into two buckets that went into landscaping around the shelter area.



Mike was a champ on this, he insisting on bearing the burden of carrying the heavy buckets, as the way down from the rock to the bunker was uneven.


Even the Oregon Kid was persuaded to lend a hand. It was his first time doing manual labour with spade and pick. I think he was burnt out a bit though as he wouldn’t pace himself and used a bad technique for spading out the dirt from among the rocks etc.

We then took a break from that for a while, as MMM had other more urgent stuff to take care of.
My back was aching too, never a good thing to push a sore back

When we get back we might have another crack at it with some inventive means.
Yet with the restrictions in place our options are very limited...

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