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Robin Hobb

So today has been perfect. The sun has been shinning and I even took a trip to bigger city. Sheffield to meet author Robin Hobb and let me tell you she is a lovely women. Her world of the farseer's and bingtown have always amazed me in their detail and the characters that inhabit them have taken me on so many adventures that it was amazing to meet the women behind the words. If you have not already read her books I would suggest that you pick up a copy and start right now they are (in my opinion) that good.

Have you got an author that you would like to meet? If so who and why?

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Very cool! Glad you got to meet her after all.

I think I'm going to order the Assassin's Apprentice.
Once you get one Kyle you will be hooked, I promise you that. :D I'm very happy to have been able to meet her as well.
Another one to add to the growing 'to buy' list. Awesome that you got to meet her.

For me, Patrick Ness is one that I always love to meet. My favourite author and (in my opinion) a literary genuis!
I have not heard of Patrick Ness Jam so maybe I will check him out sometime when I have finished reading through my list of books. It's a great way to receive advice. Still so very very happy. Can't stop smiling.
I only seem to read dead author's..the only book on my shelf is Sam savages firmin...I think he's still alive but I have no desire to meet him..no one so far..
I've met a few authors that I like now. I enjoy talking to them about their books and about their journey into being published. Each one has given me different answers so far.

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