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Rich? Defined...

Before I can compare and contrast how the wealthy live, we need to define what 'rich' is.

If you have some duct tape, sodium pentathol and the right accountants, the answer is easy. Unfortunatley, for this little thought experiment, I don't have access to financial records. So i'm going with anecdotal, observational answers. And no, it is not $250k. That dosn't even get you into a decent yacht club.

Here is a short, non-inclusive list of atributes that 'the rich' may display:

Owning a Land Rover and a BMW crossover... No. Owning those vehicles, and parking them in the driveway so the really cool cars get the garage... Yes. We're not talking Ferarri's or Lamborgini's, those are so cliche'. The rich have exotics like a Tesla, or a rally car they take to North Africa.
Owning Chihuly glass, nah. Using a Chihuly bowl to hold candy for the grandkids? Yep.
A Yacht? Perhaps. A Yacht with a permannt crew... Yes Sir!
Gated community, yawn. The rich live at the end of a poorly marked road, behind rather large shrubs in a mansion you can only see from the air.
Owning a famous performance award... close. Using that shinny award to prop your door, winner! Style points there.
My personal fave: Authentic Samurai armour by the front door? You'd think so. The clincher was downstairs. As a gun nut, I drooled over my customer's 18th Century air rifle. You see, royalty used guns like that because they were smokeless (clean) and the workmanship was fantastic. You could kill one bird at a time. Owning a peice of history like that demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of culture that the nouveau riche will never have.

Those are a few of the indicators that the person you are working for is rich. Some are less glamorous. When dispatched to an elite 'gentleman's club' for the first time, I remember my contact at the club lugging a large camera around. I caught him taking a picture of me. "Just testing the camera," he explained.
Yeah, right. By the end of the day, they probably knew the name of my 5th grade girlfreind and how many Pauley Shore movies I ever watched.

More details in the next installment.


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