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I wanted to start this off by saying something about how I'm very glad to be back and apologize for having disappeared, as honestly I am both of those things. But instead, I think that I'll spend this time explaining what sent me back.

I made a blog in these past few months for a class I'm in right now and I've been posting there what I can make while also studying, reading, and writing for classes. It was a personal blog dedicated to forcing me to post WIPs and just get some people reading it. I have honestly no idea why I didn't transfer some of those posts over to here, but I didn't and I disappeared for a bit due to it.

While I was working on this personal blog, I hit a few bumps in the road, though putting it like that might be a bit tame. The details aren't worth the story right now and they aren't exactly ones I want to relive at the moment anyway, but to say the least, my creativity took a nose dive and my spirits followed suit.

So when I was being creative, it was for this class. Otherwise, I wasn't doing anything.

And I am so mad about it.

This blog post is more or less here for me to say this: the only stories not worth reading are the ones you don't write down, and the biggest mistake is not trying.

I wasted months that could have been put into developing my skills more, getting feedback and asking for help, making my writing more worthy of attention all around. Instead, I dawdled about and made myself feel worse by giving into the self-destructive thoughts I'm sure everyone on here has experienced.

But I'm back now, and I want to stay back. I have a few things I'm working on right now that I will post on here for some critique and feedback soon, but it's about damn time that I get moving forwards once again.

I hope that I'll be getting more involved on the forums once more and you all will be seeing and hearing a lot more from me, and I do truly hope that it is better than it was before.

Thanks for reading, sorry it wasn't much of a narrative, but I just needed to say something to get me started again; engines needed a bit of greasing before they can run well.


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