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Resting Easy

This will be a short one but I figured since I'm just sitting here, I'm going to talk about just that. Sitting here.

I can't remember the last time I truly just decided to sit down and just let the mood take me when it strikes. Usually I try to create plans for myself and when I do, I feel like I build up all these things I want to do then just get stressed out and never do them.

So today, yes, I have things I've planned to do today, but I also decided to sit. I decided to switch from my phone to the computer and here I am typing away. I've been doing a lot of that this week. The whole typing thing. I used to write about my thoughts all the time and recently I just haven't had the energy to do it. I wrote a poem over the weekend and under suggestion from another member I tried it in a different form I've never done before. It was hard and it kinda sucks, but it felt good to write. I was much better grabbing what I wanted in my poetry awhile back but I'm out of practice and I forget that, which can be frustrating because I wonder why everything I've been writing recently is crap haha!

Being an English major in college I used to write all the time. Essays, papers, short stories, poems, and now my well is completely dry. So I'm trying to fill it up again. I forget how satisfying it is to see my words on the screen or the page. In my life recently when I actually speak to people I seem to not get out what I want how I want it and the people in my life won't give me a chance to work it out or shut me down. I think that has rolled over into my writing a bit and I've shrugged it off with 'well, no one wants to listen to me anyway so what does it matter?'.

But I know that's not true. So here I am. It's not incredibly life altering or even that exciting to read, but it's progress for me and that's all the matters.

Do I want to write for others? Of course I do.

Do I want to help others through my writing? Take them on a journey? Absolutely!

I've forgotten about the part of writing that includes myself though. It's always been catharsis for me and I've neglected it.

So here I am. Writing one word at a time and getting one space and period closer to who I want to be as a writer.

Happy Wednesday WF!


"I'm not a failure because I didn't succeed but because I didn't try."......and just maybe you will do all those things with your writing...
Don't force yourself to write. You're not a one-trick pony. If you can't write, it's because you've stopped creating experiences for yourself to write about. Live more, than write if you wish. Even if you never write again, don't stick to an image you've set for yourself, be yourself. When you want to be a writer, you will write.
You're right. I can't think so hard about it. I just have to let it flow naturally. I can be very impatient so this is always the hardest part for me, just taking a step back and letting myself live.

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