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Well, after 7 years of going to work everyday to a place that made me feel anxious and poorly valued, I finally resigned. I performed at a proficient to above proficient level, so it is a shame that I felt harassed, when generally I was given constructive feed-back. I have always received proficient to above proficient level evaluations. I suppose, at this point in my life, I am just not interested in the feedback, since I am not a child and generally disagree with the feedback- since I get a lot of feedback from other sources other than my boss. Anyway, some how, it will close one door and open up another one. I'm sick of the BS and I'm done with a system that is making smart kids feel bad about themselves, because they don't fit into a certain system or framework. It is wrong and it generally bothers me enough to be a strong factor that was weighted in my decision to resign. So now I feel sad that I have done this, but I know it is the right decision. I could easily spend the rest of my life driving up to this school and continually dealing with the same problems again and again. And then get my retirement in 2039 and wonder where my life went. It wasn't a rash decision, but one that I made over time and I generally feel good about it.


Good for you never let yourself feel like that again ever in your life, it is too short.
Keep moving forward.
Thank you for your reply. I am hoping to not have to feel that way again either, but one never knows.

It may not be that simple for many people to quit their job. I happen to be in a supported situation, in which I can make the transition to another job. Many people cannot quit their jobs. This is one of the tricks of this place. They love to higher single moms that become dependent on the job and are forced to stay whether they like it or not. They get comfortable and resigned to a lifestyle. The paycheck is adequate and the vacations are good, but the work is can become thankless. There are at least 3 teachers on staff in this situation.
That is not good, shame on them the focus should be on the children and their needs. Also I know what you mean my bf had to leave his job and I supported him, if it is time to move on I always say do it. Your an inspiration :)
Sadly, your experience isn't unusual - but of course that does not make it any easier. I worked 30 some years at a company which eventually sold out it's employees and off-shored many in the name of the bottom line (I hate that word). Good luck to you.
Ah, this reminds me of how I was poorly treated as a (1) new employee, (2) young male in a female dominant department, and the one to be (3) first in / first out due to school budget cuts. You're better off without them. I wish the best of luck in all your endeavors to come. :)
Thank you everyone for the comments. I was given excellent feedback by my boss who was shocked that I was quitting. As I am trying not to carry-on about this and deal with the transition in a mature fashion, I think I have to look ahead to a better situation.
Funny, rereading this new. I realize that this was a very very good decision and left me in a better situation now. I am making more money, although the hours are longer and the work is tiring. My parents are grateful and I am less stressed. I am making moves through the state to access more resources and accreditation. This can be a very frustrating process, since you have to deal with bureaucrats, washed up civil servants, and retired nasty principals. But like all things, you have to deal with these people as best you can to get through the red tape. It's just one step at a time.

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