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Rescued from Oblivion

If you’re feeling a little bit low
why not purchase my poems below?
diverting and cheap
with nothing too deep
you carry them round as you go.

When going by bus or by train
you can read ‘em again and again
just put up your feet
on the opposite seat
and agreeably tickle your brain.
By keeping the volume close by
you can use it for swatting a fly
it is lethal and keen
and will quickly wipe clean
- another good reason to buy.

It can also be placed on the floor
to firmly prop open a door
Or by whacking the loaf
of an indolent oaf
you could gain more respect than before.

You’ll notice how carefully I’m
promoting my writing in rhyme
which works a lot better
than sending a letter
or trying to say it in mime.
Or strolling around with a bell -
Proclaiming! - to help the thing sell
or hawking my wares
at small village fairs
with a talented lady named Nell
(who’s pretending to die of TB
so they stop and take pity you see)
‘Please purchase my book,
for my daughter’s sake look’
- disgraceful I’m sure you’ll agree.

So this is a much better way -
Now I‘ve said what I wanted to say.
Just a quick cheeky note
to briefly promote
my volume of poems today.

Rescued from Oblivion – all my poems now in one fat book. Available now athttps://www.feedaread.com/profiles/10661/


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