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Reggae fever


It's given me a real lift, thank you.

I loved your latest finished painting. Sorry, I'm saying it in the wrong thread.
Grey for me....I thought you might say you didn't have a fav...not all do..I think sometimes if you look around or think on how you decorate over the year's that one colour might be there as a constant wether as a main colour or just a touch here and there...
That's clever. I hadn't thought of it that way. My places have mostly been white, for practical reasons. Lots of mirrors. To make the space seem bigger.

But your theory works because I'm never happy until I've added some pink. Might just be pink in a picture I've hung. Or a cushion.

It's that duskyish pink. You know Willem de Kooning? That dull pink he uses with the turquoise and yellow.
Pink alot would say is a girl colour but it's far more versatile than that....I have the odd splash of pink..my irons pink,two pillows have pink in them....good choice sebald
Oh, I bet that looks great with your grey.

You're like a doctor, but for colour, Esc ha ha.
I will wear a pink suit and stroke my grey shitzu while my cunning plan to take over all the crown and Dulux paint plants...you could be my number2..what character would you be...?

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