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Recurring dreams.

The first. A dream I have had five times.

A girl. Any girl. Someone I know. Someone close. A large colonial-style white house with pillars and a garage sits on top of a hill in grassy plains surrounded by a forest.I'm meeting her wealthy parents, who have a bunch of vehicles, electronics, etc.

I play and laugh and dance and ride... then I wake up.

The second, three times.

A large L shaped building houses an aquarium. There's an entire underwater section you can swim through.But I forgot my scuba gear.I go back to get it, and forget all about it. The room turns into my adoptive grandparents living room. They're both sitting in their chairs, still surrounded by fish tanks. An old man suddenly enters. Buying/selling something related to fish each time.He tries to get fresh with me. A perverted old man. Hooray.

I react exactly like I would in the real world, and tell him off, ready to kick his ass.

He leaves and I wake up.

I may have dreamed these even more, but I usually forget.

What meaning do they have?

The first, each dream is with some young woman I imagine myself marrying. But they change depending on whoever that is at present. Yet the situation remains the same.

The second... it's always the same, but why have I dreamed it several times?

It doesn't make sense.

I don't make sense.

But when I dream, everything makes sense. Even the most ridiculous things feel right. Everything has purpose. No matter what happens, nothing is wrong. Guided. When I wake up... it's gone. Nothing is under control anymore.

It only makes sense until I wake up.

Then I forget this mad knowledge, and my conscious mind is confused by what my dreaming self considers elementary.

I hate it.


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