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Reading as though there is no tomorrow...

And, having just finished Lee Child's "Worth Dying For", i am so in awe of the man. Such a wealth of knowledge he must have had or acquired to facilitate such writings leaves me with the stark realisation that i could never even contemplate attempting ​ such a fete.

Which is why i can only dream of the here and now. " Missives from a nobody. " How does that sound? One day maybe but enough of my woes. What an awesome read. I can't believe my luck.

dithering with Patrick Flanery's " I Am No One " now. Can't for the life of me think why I chose that ​one.

I was wondering how to describe the book, it wouldn't be to everyone's liking i'm.
On spine of the book it has the words " A Jack Reacher Thriller. " There are others? I'd go along with that.


"Missives From A Nobody"

That's not bad. Embrace what you feel you can deliver on with strength, or passion, or anger, or whatever. I think you've got a lot to say. I think you've got some gold in ya.

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