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[Rantings] This Guy

A few months ago, I was put back in the dairy department at work. Since then, I've been promoted so that I'm now responsible for dairy, which means that I get to deal one-on-one with the sales reps from the various companies that, well, employ sales reps for our store.

For the most part, merchandisers and reps stay out of the way unless they absolutely need something, and we try to look out for them as best we can (making sure they've got a cart to work their merchandise from, answering questions, getting stuff out of the air for them), and the relationship is mutually beneficial. I love the ones who come in and do their job and are generally agreeable.

Then there's this guy.

I'm obviously not going to name any names or companies, but This Guy comes in and the first thing he does is act like he's the [GOSH DARNED] CEO or something. I'm not saying that I deserve deference or genuflection or anything, but I know that when I was merchandising for Coca-Cola, I tended to approach people wearing ties with some degree of respect.

This Guy doesn't. He walked right up to me and asked if I worked dairy (I do, it's kind of obvious when, you know, I'm putting dairy product on the shelf in the dairy section), and then proceeded to inform me that there are a couple of planogram resets coming for my department (because all the new and discontinued items weren't enough of a clue for me) and told me that I should make space on the shelf for new items (duh). This Guy then proceeds to act surprised when I tell him that we've got it handled and that no, we don't have any questions for him.

I mean, I get it, it's his job to look after his product, but I feel that he doesn't have to be so... I dunno, [LOVE]ing smug about it, like he's blessing me with information I didn't already have, that my superiors are keeping from me or whatever.


So, if you're a sales rep, please don't be an insufferable [RICHARD]. I understand that different stores have different ways of handling things, but when an associate tells you that he's got things under [STUFF]ing control, just believe that he's got things under [THINGS!]ing control.



As a retired purchasing manager, I've of course run into all kinds of sales reps - some were of course (RICHARDS:icon_cheesygrin:). One guy was positive he had one of the V.P's in his back pocket and even told me so in my office. Came close to grabbing him by his shirt and tossing him. Got revenge one year some other company underbid him despite the V.P. The successful ones knew how to play purchasing/engineering/executive floor all at once and make everyone happy.
Thank [THE LORD] I'm not actually responsible for dealing with them. Even working as a merchandiser, ai often found myself wanting to throw my account reps out of at least a second story window. It's a bit different, though, when they come into my store and act like they've got any sort of authority to tell me how to do things, especially when I already do things the way they're telling me to do them.
Hi, WordSmith,

Are you not concerned about having your photo, on a blog, that talks about work situations?
Yep. I find those young (almost everyone is young to me) are much too complacent about internet presence. If you don't think potential employers scan, you have never been on the hiring side. And, they scan while you are employed with them. Keep unidentifiable name without photo. That is, if you care about feeding yourself over the next few decades. The Internet will have you forever! I and those in my family are mostly self-employed, but even we stay below the waves. Oddly enough, we can't drown there.

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