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Then I got back to some projects.
One of which is setting up a firing position on the range and zeroing the .22 carbine.


I gathered an old pallet, two thick logs, some mesh sacking bundled together, some padded material and hessian to waterproof it in.


That was my bench rest set-up. It’s only good for prone position firing but I don’t mind prone-firing.

I set the range target at roughly 90-100 yards using the pacing method.
Then I tried zeroing it with some Remington CeeBee subsonic ammo. The first two shots I took were duds, the primers failed to fire the main charge.
The remaining three rounds failed to cycle the working parts. The sound report was fairly muted though.
Making a mental note to return the ammo at a later resupply date I switched to the more reliable Winchester high-velocity rounds.
It took me a few go’s but after some adjustments I had the swing target registering constant hits.

Then it was time to finish as the raindrops began and soon turned into some heavy showers…


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