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Randomness Incarnate

Randomness Incarnate

So a while ago (read: years), I had a little moleskin notebook that I would use to jot down random thoughts, quotes I had come up with, and short poems. I've since retrieved this little moleskin notebook, and would like to share the thoughts that are confined within with you all. So here goes!...

((All written by yours truly, so no snatching!)

  1. "In my mind, the only earthly music that would suit the heavens is the laughter of a child."
  2. "Need I only study all of which is you, to discover the secret to happiness?"
  3. "An evil seed is quick to grow, twice as fast as you can sow. Burn it twice or it shall feed, pleasantness from goodly seeds."
  4. "Oh to be as free a soul, as a pirate, whose blood runs cold."
  5. "When you hope for death, life is a dissapointment."
  6. "Death, my good friend, is merely a side effect of life."
  7. "When lust enters a friendship, fools start a relationship. Those who are wise, however, simply become much more useful friends."
  8. "How much easier if God had given wrists the ability to cut themselves. For I've not the stomach to take my own life, nor the courage to truly live it!"
  9. "The proper application of insidious laughter could solve most of the world's problems, really."
  10. "Take this advice for it shall always be true: Eat much and tip your mug fiercely, for life is far too short to sip!"
  11. "I think a an Illusion could kill you if you believe in it enough. I promise you that the real thing can kill you either way."
  12. "I knew a man, a lonely mineral collector, who once bought a love for his diamond. God bless Russia."
  13. "You'll never have the last laugh if you are laughing in the face of death."
  14. "To the folks of my heritage, you're just a "bloodoholic" until you reach .5"
  15. "Always, I repeat, ALWAYS my friend: Know more than you reveal, reveal what you are unsure of, so that others can make it sure. Gamble only with favorable odds, and practice mating frequently."

Take these with you through life, because they are awesome.



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