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Random Survival Tip

One word: Adobo.

It's a seasoning made out of Paprika, Oregano, Salt and Garlic. Not only does it taste great, it can help preserve your food if you lose refrigeration.
It turns out that Paprika has antibacterial properties. Who knew?
You can also make a "wet-rub" with citrus and vinegar added. I'm thinking that would be better with fish, or maybe pork.

Anyway, I'm planning on fixing up a couple quarts "just in case".
I may be a Survival Nut. But I plan on eating well as long as possible.


I won't survive for long, but plan to, at least, try. My family has always tried to cross any finish line. I've copied to put into my Survival Guide Book & will pass on to my son. He has the best chance. I told him to assume everyone else has or will die & not to come for us. Thanks for the info. sas
I think I'll be mixing up some Caribbean Jerk rub as well. I'm not sure about it's preservative qualities. The Allspice is a weak antimicrobial, and extra salt will help.
It just sounds tasty.

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