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Random Etchings of an Addled Mind

It feels strange writing on a new canvas. It feels a little smoother than the old one. I'm a slow learner so I'll make mistakes but in time I'll make this blog a home for my characters that live in my mind.. My old stuff is here without those stock images so they look kind of bald. I may tweak some of them from time to time but not for a very long time.. This blog will be a little different.

I'll be using this blog for some of my poetry, stories, philosophical musings and to show some glimpses in my tapestry universe. Some of my stuff is quite dark as well as some of the topics I'll write about. I'm going to leave my soul bare, hold nothing back(well almost nothing) and if some of the more gentle-souled find offense in my words or find my writings obscene or sexually or morally offensive , my religious and spiritual philosophies blasphemes, I then highly recommend you read someone else's blog. This is a place for me to catalog my thoughts, beliefs and storylines. Only those of an open and curious mind are invited to peel away at the darkness and light that resides in my being and that we all carry within us...

I'll leave this space for now until next time...

the shadow puppet


I'll certainly be a frequent visitor/participant, Bob. We are of a mind. I am passionate about free writing/thinking/speaking. . .but I'm not an inclusive idiot about my sense of free expression. Arbitrary public expressions of hate, advocating violence towards identified groups, that kind of vicious shit . . .nope . . .other than that, go baby go!

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