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Random burst of creativity.

Here is a little something that I wrote when listening to nothing but the greatest love songs from throughout the years. Let me know what you think if you want. :)

A moment in time.

I sat there on that summer day with you beside me. Smiling. I was happy. Neither of us knew what was to come but we didn’t care, we would linger enjoying each other’s company. I can remember that day even now.

How we sat with the grass tickling the backs of our legs. Listening to the sea swish in and out. Traffic was a muted blur in the distance to us. Lost in each other as we were. Our phones had no charge but we didn’t care.

Your hand reached out tucking a stray strand of blonde hair behind my ear. Brushing my cheek gently, causing me to blush and smile a shy smile. “I love that smile.” You murmured as I blinked and swallowed.
I loved your warm hand as it idly traced patterns across my shoulder blades. Your nails that would catch every now and again making me shudder. Those strong arms that would hold me close and safe in an embrace.

Your laugh was deep as I said something funny that I no-longer remember, your green eyes alight with pleasure. White teeth flashing in the sun as your head whipped back. My shrill scream as you grabbed my waist pulling me in for a kiss.

The feeling of your soft lips against mine. The slight taste of salt. Most of all I remember our joy of discovering each other. The fun of seeing what would make you laugh, cringe, scream or even cry as we found ourselves.

The bond that we forged that day would keep us both going strong through the good, the bad and the ugly. I loved that you would hold my hand, sing to me. Seeing my deepening love reflected in your eyes.
It is in that moment that I want to live, never leaving it. To hold onto a love so pure and vast that I could swim in it and not find the end. Each day I remember our beginning and wonder at how far we have come together.

Every day I pray that we never lose what we have found. That even now after all this time has passed we can still be those same two young lovers. Those carefree days that seem so long ago. Our small moment in time.


I like it. Light and heart-felt. I din't know you felt this way about me... :love_heart:

It's nice though. Slightly too much wording in some places, I think, but overall I come out kinda wishing this was my memory.

(Psst... Are they wearing clothes? You didn't mention any so...)
One of the most beautiful things I've had the pleasure of reading in a while.

Couple format errors, but other than that I find nothing to complain about. Short, sweet, over in a brief flash and yet has that longing of nostalgia.

May such times come full circle again. If not in my life, at least in yours.

Thak you both for the kind words. :) It is based upon a memory and luckily I am still with the person that inspired this and he inspires me to be the best I can be each and every day. He encourages me to reach for the stars with my writing and supports me through the bad, the good and the ugly that has come our way over the last four and half years. :)

Kaminoshiyo- Yes they are wearing clothes, I didn't mention any because....well because I didn't even think about saying anywhere that they were dressed. I am sure that you will make many memories like this one.

Smith- I'm sure that special person who makes you feel this way is out there Kyle you just have not met them yet. I'm glad that you think it is beautiful I have never been told that my writing is beautiful before. :D

I am glad you both picked up on the brief, over in moment flash feeling and that the emotion across.
Don't want to open my can of worms, but as far as the metaphorical label on the can, I've met a couple girls who "made me feel some type of way" as Drake would say. That's probably not what that lyric even means, but you catch my drift.

All the best,

I do Kyle, but also trust me when I say I had to wade through a lot of muck to find my gem. Nothing that is worth it is ever easy. All we can do is take life as it comes each day you never know what is around the corner :) I certainly didn't when I met my other half, I was out on a night out in a city that I'd never visited before with a friend wasting time on the evening before i was to support another of my friends in court. We met got to know each other briefly I gave him my number, he came to visit me on the seaside the next weekend and then a month later we were in a relationship and I have never been happier or looked back.

I hope that you find someone that inspires you to write a nice scene Kyle.

Ta esc it was supposed to, I was listening to power baladu love songs from the 80s and 90s next small bit of writing I am going to listen too heavy metal and see what comes out hahaha.
you can't beat a bit of mush....as for the head banging...rock chicks are always worth a gander....
Hahaha well when I have internet back newt week I will have to see what rock chick stuff I can come up with ;) hahaha

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