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[Ramblings] Work and Other Things

Haha, just kidding. I don't have time for other things. Publix has seen fit to work me forty hours a week, sometimes more (46 hours this week, which equals overtime pay), and I've still got my route with Coca-Cola, so I haven't had the most free time lately. It's been a bit of a drag on my relationships, but I was able to get the Buick fixed and get a new battery in it. Turns out the damned thing needed a new ignition switch, and now it needs new tires... hooray. Just a list a mile long of things that need to be taken care of, but I've got this weekend off, and we'll see where it goes.

More good news, Publix wants me to go full time, which is fortuitous, because, as luck would have it, Coke's changing up their scheduling dynamics, and they're about to eliminate the part-time/flex role as we know it... which means that I'm likely to be out the door soon enough, but with a full-time job, complete with profit sharing and a 401k plan, so... I'm not all that worried, haha.

I'm going to continue to work my ass off until the end of February, though, at which time the changes coming to Coke will take place and my position will be terminated, and then hopefully I'll have more time to devote to the things I love, such as this here forum. As it stands, I should probably be doing other things, like sleeping or something.

Yeah, sleep sounds good.

Don't worry, guys and gals, I'm not dead yet, haha. I'll catch you around.


Just think of the stack of money (or numbers in an account) you be rolling with. At least that's what I tell myself when I have to work a lot of hours.

I am glad you have enough time to pop in once in a while. Means you are still alive, well and who knows about the enthusiastic part. Haha.

P.S Love the selfie, what a photogentic cat.
I wish the best of luck in all your career endeavors to come. That's great news! I am ready to get out of retail and expand my CV. I've been with one company for almost two years now. It's time for fresh air.
I was just asking if you were still with Publix. I'm not surprised. If you're working the night shift, Publix is probably working your butt off. Anyway, it sounds like things are looking up, so good luck, and all that :D
Glad you see you doing well. An uncle of mine worked for Coke back in the 1930's but made the mistake of drinking a lot of them. He got diabetes. A funny co-incidence, I found out after my wife and I were married that my father-in-law worked at Coke with my uncle. Weird.

Carry on!


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