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[Ramblings] Spirit of the Lion

It's a topsy turvy world. One moment, I'm chugging happily along, content to be a supporting character in the play of everyone else's lives... the next minute, I find that I've been handed the reins of my own and now I'm steering happily along, heading well outside my comfort zone. It's... a strange feeling, really.

I'm not sure what made me tell a store manager that he could buy my services for $15 an hour, but it resulted in an interview, which I'll be heading out for in about two and a half hours. Obviously, I'm not going to get $15 an hour, but the offered pay was good enough to make me reconsider whether I was joking around.

I really don't know what made me approach a girl in the middle of a store and say "Stupid question for you: Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?" I really don't know why it worked, either, being a really stupid pick-up line... but it did. Miles past my comfort zone and accelerating. It's like I'm on some sort of high. I don't know why it's hitting me now, of all times, but...

Only a week ago, I thought of myself as a coward. I may not be the bravest man in the world, but the past three days have blown any notion of cowardice out of the water.

I know that the universe is going to present its bill. It always does. But I'm not even worried. I'm going to ride this wave to the bitter end.


What a great post.
Go get 'em tiger.

As for your "pick-up line" and only the females in here are in a position to shed any light on the subject, i think that often it's just breaking the ice/making contact so to speak.
But hey! Good luck.
I would never dare to be so outrageous by the way, but perhaps that's why it worked for you..
A hero can become a coward just as a coward can turn into a hero...we often don't know are strengths until were tested by life...well done dude
In this modern age, there's nothing wrong with getting too used to a comfort zone. Learning to venture outside it takes considerable bullocks.

When it comes to love, sometimes we like the wrong people for the wrong reasons and it's a matter of getting past that ego bullcrap of "I need to impress this person and make the right plays". I remember this one girl I fell in love with on the spot. I just had to go and talk to her and we had a very chill conversation. It wasn't until the very end that she realized I liked her. She went flush and melted.

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