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[Ramblings] Shrink Hero

A couple months back, I saved my company a looot of money when I caught a delivery of perishable goods (dairy, frozen food) that wasn't properly refrigerated. We'd been the first stop on the route, too. My managers decided to submit my name for a loss prevention award, and I was one of three associates chosen to receive it for the month of May. My store manager called me his "shrink hero," which, for those of you who aren't retail-oriented, "shrink" is the term we use for lost profits.

They presented it to me today, a certificate of recognition (which I'll probably frame, cheesy as it is) and a challenge coin with the loss prevention department's emblem on one side and the company logo on the other. I had to take a picture at the front of the store with my assistant store manager and my grocery manager. A bit embarrassing, but it feels good to be recognized for doing my job well.

On the whole, though, I think I prefer quiet recognition. A "good job" here, a raise there, maybe a boost in my promotability, haha.

Oh, well.


All that other stuff follows.

The purpose of making it public and making it a big deal is to encourage others. The role of leadership is inspire and point the direction and values of the company. "saving loss is key in any company." How you handle yourself here will be noticed and is a step in the right direction...Congratulations
Great job. So often it is mentally lazy workers or managers that don't care to recognize anything.
I won one of those awards when I worked for a Supermarket. I recovered some shoplifted beef and I was up for one of their awards which was worth a twenty-five dollar gift certificate.

So all the people who won awards, including a friend of mine, got up and announced the value of the product they recovered. They ranged from maybe forty dollars to over a hundred. I got up to announce my recovered goods which happened to be worth a grand total of seventeen bucks. Yeah, I got looks; Giant Food lost eight bucks on my great recovery :lol:

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