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[Ramblings] Haaaaa

Been awhile, maybe a year and a half since I last looked at this place. Glad to see everyone's still here, or at least that WF is still a thing. Not that I thought it wouldn't be.

Updates! I've been promoted twice at Publix since I was last active here, and I'm conducting training for new hires now. Sad state of affairs when I'm the most qualified individual to bring newbies into the fold, but there you have it, haha.

I've gotten back into airsoft a bit, not just as the reporter, but actually playing. I re-formed my old team, IMC, and we're operating as Easy Tactical Solutions now. We've got five active players, and we're hoping to get more into it. We're doing our first big game tomorrow, it's a 24-hour ruckfest with no breaks or safe points. Four of us are attending, it'll be me, Doc, Collins, and Headache. We're going to be assisting a company called the Black Dogs with stealing weapons from an arms manufacturing plant. Should be easy enough.

That's it, really. I'm getting back into writing a bit, trying to stay with something instead of the usual starting and stopping, and I figured I'd pop back in.

So... here I am.


Welcome back, Atlean and thank you for sharing your news. We are all still here and plodding along.
PiP;bt10069 said:
Welcome back, Atlean and thank you for sharing your news. We are all still here and plodding along.
Good! You're not allowed to not be here and plodding along. So I thus decree.

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