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[Ramblings] Eclipse and Other Things

So, my part of the world was in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse, and it was a beautiful, beautiful sight. I can honestly say that I understand now why religious significance was attached to these events. Everything went dark, it got really cold, and a shadow passed over the sun, looking much like a halo or an eye. Very ominous. Very cool.

With the eclipse came a swarm of eclipsophiles, of course, and it doesn't help that my area is starting school up again, so, on Sunday, we got hit hard by the usual Sunday crowd, the eclipse crowd, and the back-to-school shoppers. We had to stay eight hours after the store closed (an extra six hours tacked on to our shifts) to get caught up after the chaos. It wasn't fun.

What IS fun is that a friend of mine recently gave me his (airsoft) AKS-74U, which is basically a short AK-47. I just installed a new flash hider on it tonight (the old one was bent), and I'm probably going to gut it and replace the internals to make it operate more like my other rifle, but Soviet-style.

I'm also going to invest in some Russian camo, so that the two of us can roll as Ruskis every now and again.


We had a partial eclipse in Maryland. I went outside and of course it was cloudy. But I was still able to see the sun mostly covered by the moon twice. I don't the dynamics on how that works but maybe ten minutes before it was supposed to happen, there was the Moon covering all but the top of the sun. Did anyone notice that the sun, or what you see of it, just looks like a big yellow-white ball during an eclipse? Anyhow, it was over until the time we were supposed to see the eclipse and there it was peeking through the clouds, the dark ball mostly over the big white one. It's a miracle I didn't go blind. :lol:

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