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"Round The Homestead

The garden was a bit over-run with weeds, but I was able to thin them out so the vegetables could breath. We had a bunch of carrots, but I keep having a problem with the potatoes (small, few in quantity, but edible). The peppers are flavorful, but not too spicy (chopped and roasted on nachos last night). My wife chopped and blanched the carrots for future use, after we sampled a few of course. Fresh veggies from the garden are tough to beat. We've got more out there to harvest and preserve. Radishes, squash, zucchini. Not a lot, but enough. Just in case.

The apple tree out front stopped producing a few weeks ago. I dried a few buckets full, and Food Savered them. My wife canned apple sauce and pie filling. They're actually crummy eating apples, so preserving them just makes sense. Some years, we don't get around to it, and I feel horrible watching the apples fall and rot. My grandmother was a Great Depression survivor. I respected her, and learned from her. Food is kind of a thing with me.

We got some of the strawberries when they were ripe, and a handful of blueberries (although this year, the robins made out like bandits again). We completely missed picking our gooseberries this year, but we still have preserves from last year.

The chickens are still laying at a good rate. One is moulting, and God she looks scraggly. They should keep producing for another couple months, until the days get real short. I installed solar lights in the coop last year. It prolongs their laying activity. After you get used to brown eggs with bright yellow yokes, it's hard to eat those nasty pale grocery store eggs again.

I bet you think I live on an acre or two, out in the country? Wrong. A large residential lot in a suburb of Seattle. It's not that hard, planting subsistence gardens and edible landscaping. It does take some maintenance. But the peace of mind alone is worth it.

We may not be able to completely feed ourselves on the amount of land we have. But we'll always have something to eat. Too many people take that for granted today.


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