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"Going Live"

My wife finished her read through last night, and I finished mine this afternoon. I found a few terms that were inconsistent and fixed those, and added one little funny scene.

I decided it was ready for outside eyes, so I sent it off to five friends who'd expressed interest.

I choked up again reading the last scene, thought it's the fifth time (at least) I've read it. The MC is talking to someone who died in the original novel, but who remains a constant focus of inspiration both in the original novel, and my sequel.

I'm a bit worried my alpha readers won't get the full effect. After I sent it out, I changed the word "nonsense" to "bunk" in one line of dialogue. They probably won't notice the lack. ;-) But I realized I called something "nonsense" three times in the book, and I didn't want to overuse it, so I changed the middle iteration to "bunk", which actually fits better with that dialogue--from the standpoint of the speaking character.

Here's the strange thing. I'm now fully involved with the bug. This evening I found myself neither writing nor editing, and it's the first time in 23 days. Yep, 23 days to write and edit that book. I'm still not believing it. I actually have to do some business for the next few days to make my partner happy -- after all -- he's been out there selling our software system.

But then, I'm going to start working on a novel I started (I believe) 12 years ago, and wrote three chapters. I WILL be able to talk about that novel as I go. It's all original and no secrets. :)


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