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Quick Links

Because I got tired of the hassle in finding the threads- these are direct links to my scripts. It's more for my own quick referencing than anything but it comes in handy when people ask for links.

Assignment 1: Developing your writers eye- describe a person you know or have known in 500 words.
Title: The Wrong Man ( 500 words )

Assignment 2: Use your experience as a springboard for fiction. Write a fiction story of 750 - 1,000 words. Use the person you described in Assignment 1 as the main character or create a new character.
Title: True Family ( 955 words )

Assignment 3: Transform your experience into an article. Write a nonfiction article of 750 - 1,000 words
Title: Patching Things Up... Kicking the Habit ( 930 words )

Assignment 4: Focus on your style. Write a new story or article of 750 - 1,000 words
Title Choices - see link in Assignment 7

Assignment 5: Expand your market possibilities. Plan a new story or article idea and write the opening. Select 2 magazines as possible markets,
Title: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Assignment 6: Complete your story or article: Complete the piece you wrote for Assignment with 1,500 - 2,000 words
Title: Future's Fathers

Assignment 7: Revise a previous piece and remain within the original assignments word count.
Title: Choices ( 1,397 words )

Assignment 8: Write a new story or article of 2,000 to 3,000 words targeted to a specific magazine
Title: Prelude ( 2,987 words )

Assignment 9: Write a new story or article up to 3,000 words targeted to a specific magazine
Title: Taurus Rises ( 3,000 words pending )

Assignment 10: Revise a previous story or article or recast an earlier story or article and target a new magazine- I've chosen Prelude for this assignment. Stay tuned.

Assignment 11: Personal Essay or Short Memoir (I'm looking for books to help with this one.)

Assignment 12: New story up to 3,000 words targeted to a specific magazine.

* note these pieces are potential works for submission to IFW- and works in progress.

YA Fiction Opener Chapter 1 ( 234 words ) - closed

Diane Fiction Untitled Opening Scene (289-words )

* note the pieces linked below I had decided not to submit to the school.

Schooled Fiction Untitled Story (1,566 words)

The book used to find targeted magazines is titled: The Best of The Magazine Markets for Writers 2014 published by Writer's Institute Publications

I'll update this as needed


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