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So, I've been MIA for a while, here's a quick update. Lot's going on, the pandemic and one would think I would have lots of time seeing as I'm home all the time, boy you couldn't be more wrong. Working on 2 art pieces for ekphrasic poetry, made the artwork, seems those were easy, the poems, eh, not so much. These are for submission for an anthology that I have to turn in 3 poems for which will have to be ready within the next few weeks. Almost ready for that. Another anthology submission requires 3 more poems, and some contests for my FSPA association if I can dig up some poems for that.

I was just appointed President of our local Chapter of Florida State Poets Association, the North Florida Poetry Hub, and have been busy running that and running the website, recruiting members, running meetings, writing bylaws and all that fun stuff. I'm also a member of the local Women Writing 4 a Change and we have workshops on Zoom twice a week now with writing assignments in the "Unleashing the Warrior Within" 3-part series that I just started last week. I need to write all day tomorrow for that.

Temple is busy as well, with services and special Zoom meetings, lectures, workshops, coffee hours. Busy, busy. and then there's always Facebook and Netflix....... and the news and the protests, Corona Virus and current events, and emotional stuff and life......

I try to keep up with everything....... I have to say though, who has time to be bored?


It's amazing how quickly creative types can fill their time. I set myself lots of tasks when I first went into lockdown to fill my days so I wouldn't be bored.

Good luck with the submissions :) Don't forget to let us know when you are published.

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