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Prepping Gear for the Wilderness

Prepping Gear for the Wilderness



Mike's new solar array


Filled Up!


The waterproof sheeting was pretty easy to secure, bungee's then rope as an added safety factor.
The last time MMM was in his Mountain Hold not that much was done, this time though hopefully they’ll be lots of projects completed.

We met up with the Oregon Kid (OK) without incident. Young, from a large city but quite keen to learn the basics of survivalism. He hadn't made many posts on the S Boards but MMM was throwing him a friendly invitation all the same




Into the Mountains!

Getting to MMM’s Retreat was a bit tricky due to the dreadful forest fire that raged through parts of Colorado in early June. It was so bad that one of the key highways was closed and MM reckoned we’d have to detour via Cheyenne.

The day we were due to travel, the road was re-opened and the way was clear once more.

It was quite a sight too, once we were about a quarter of the way there we could see ash and smoke in the distance!



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