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she lay her head on my shoulder and stopped crying and i felt strong. I did not want to make her feel safer or cared much how long she would take before she lifted her head. A woman in distress makes me feel powerful. She waited for my words,she listened before deciding to talk and i did not care.She got up and walked into the bedroom and i could hear her crying behind the door.I looked down and there was wet make-up on my t-shirt. I opened the door, she looked up from the bed and as i walked to the cupboard i could see her reflection in the mirror, looking at me and wanting me to speak but i had nothing to say....do you get a kick out of making me feel like this she asked and as i closed the door, i thought to myself..yes i do


I might if I knew the other side of the story.

escorial;bt13572 said:
why heartless brute....have you considered why someone would act that way.....
The power struggle in a relationship is something most will refuse to accept in their life..

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