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Whether you want to call this poetry, or if it's deemed poetry is entirely up to you and up the rules of the poetic game.

Personally I don't care if it is or isn't. I just miss writing like this. So I'm going to call it an ashley-poem. My own rules. Trying to wrestle with how I've been feeling this weekend on account of work, and this is what came out. It's not good enough to be critiqued on the boards so I figured that I'd do it here. =) I have no titles, because I suck at coming up with titles. I also know the first part is a bit separate from the second half, but again, it's just me trying to let my being out into words.

Death grip on my throat


Suffocating my mind
lost in a familiar place
nothing to give
to pay the cost
Stress is calling
to collect debt
Taking my sanity.

Paid in full.
Not a thought to my name.
Succumb to sleep,
knowing the call will come again.


Keep being you. Poetry has been a safehaven for me in that regard. I don't follow the rules unless I want to.

I think there's a link between both parts. "to collect the debt" and "paid in full". Should just take some rearranging of lines. :)
what do you think of the first four lines though? Completely unrelated or somehow cohesive? lol

And thank you for reading it =)
"Death grip on my throat" + "choke" = "suffocating my mind". ;)

That's how I interpreted it anyway. Such is the beauty of writing.
some people need rules...it puts the world in order but others just do there thing..you know that chaos theory about the universe and all that..so just be you and do it,..keep doing it..because it works for you.

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