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Poems for a fairy novel.

A father's spell.

Red, blue, gold and green,
threads I bind remain unseen,
hide my daughter from his eyes,
until the day that my hope dies.

Yellow, brown, silver, pink,
give her all the time to think,
as he searches high and low,
steady time's gentle flow.

Orenge, peach and indigo,
please disguise her inner-glow,
fade into the setting sun,
'til Shadow lord's fun be done.

Slumber of a Fairy Queen.

Do you still sleep, my Fairy Queen,
deep inside your forest glade unseen?
Awaiting your beloved to sing,
while you dream of sweet nothing.

As lightning strikes, your staff is found
where flowers bloom, along the ground.
In the earth you drove your spite,
this way comes your trusted knight.

With heavy arms he holds you close,
him the one who you loved most,
whispering the tales of old,
to himself your body molds.

While he cries his silver tears,
you absorb his hopes and fears.
Wishing you would wake again,
to reign across the empty glen.

Sunset skies.

Behind me burns a scarlet sky,
my wings are bound, I can not fly,
my greatest wish is thus denied,
to search the realms until I find,
where you slumber peacefully,
severed from our shared reality.

Wait my love and never fear,
as when the comet's tail is clear,
our paths will once again converge,
The shadow and The light will merge,
world's will burn and fairies fight,
as we dance to our delight.


Tink is a bag of pixie dust, she's always flying high....and straight on till morning.

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