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Poems and Poetry

So I've been writing, reading, critiquing and doing re-writes of poetry, attending writing groups, participating in open mic's, talking to other poets about their poetry and writing assignments, dreaming about poetry, reading books about how to write poetry, reading books about how to write, eating poetry (oops, got carried away there with poetry). Yup, once you start eating the poetry perhaps you're taking things a bit too far and it's time for a breather. Watch some Netflix. Seriously, I haven't been THAT engrossed in it, life has been carried on with and I've been doing other things, but writing and poetry is such an essential part of my life and, well, me. Why do I feel that poetry is such an intricate part of my life? It's not like all I do is eat, sleep and dream poetry, well, sometimes it is, but most of the time I have a pretty healthy mix of things. It's that writing is my creative outlet and I love "painting" with words. It's an art form for me. So hard to tease those phrases out of my head, but when you do pull that special pairing of words out of your brain and put it on paper, it's like magic. It sits there and you marvel about where that could have come from. That's the attraction and addiction of writing for me, the ability to put random words together, capture a magic moment, that unique phrase, spin and twist of letters to make something absolutely beautiful. Artistry with a pen and you get there by sitting at a keyboard and just letting the fingers tap where they may and the mind flow.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


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