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Poem for the Victims in the Bahama's --- Anonymous Video Hell

I wrote this today after needing to express the agony I feel watching and empathizing with those poor souls in the Bahamas. My heart is breaking and wrenched for all of them, the people, the island, the animals, birds, even the little bugs, decimated by this storm from the depths of Hell.

Anonymous Video Hell

First views of storm damage from a young woman,
filming her once-home neighborhood, commenting
on the destruction, the wreckage, twisted, mangled
mess, horror. The first previews. Bad enough.

Then comment made, this is the eye, the deceiver.

Next, watching a video a man filmed
during the Bahama's Hurricane Dorian.
His home was high above the ground,
raised on twenty foot stilts, and yet
the water crashes, racing by, equal level.

Heart skipping beats I view the screen.
Wind whistling, howling, his voice calm,
describing the hellish scene wicked water sloshing
at bottoms of windows, he tells us, “It's rising”,
as with baited breath compassion's soul weeps freely.

Another video posted, an apartment building this time,
a woman pleading for help and for prayers to God,
showing a sea of water thrashing by, winds howling,
the roof gone, cradling her helpless four month old baby,
a scene of devastated hallway, top floor, many people,
the world tumbling out of control in a sea of terror.

Next, a lens opens in darkened room, a deep voice,
a water filled home with the voices of scared children,
waves slapping high at the windows, the video a desperate
plea for a rescue during the brief calm of the storm.
Glimpses into a sickening, surreal vision dismissed with an “X”.

I turn away from that video on the screen, check in once again,
“Where will that storm be for me again? Oh, not till next week.”
So I take my puppy out for a pee and while in the yard
it hits me, that the storm is still sitting and grinding on top
of the Bahamas right now, that the storm still rages for them.

I've bought my Oreo cookies and canned soup,
the chips and water and wine, filled up the car with gas,
extra batteries, filled the coolers with water just in case,
been watching the forecasts and cones, been canceling
events right and left, venting impatience on Facebook all week.

While there are people in the Bahamas fighting for their lives,
many have drowned, been severely injured, are suffering
unimaginably for, has it really been four days? The eye just now
moving off. The wind and rain and water still tearing,

shredding, flooding, crashing, blowing, killing, maiming.

I wonder at myself, my stomach churns and I say a prayer.


I've bought my Oreo cookies and canned soup,
the chips and water and wine...

I'm not judging, but I like that you have Oreos and wine on your short list. With those cookies, Pinot Noir or Syrah?

Sorry, this is very serious, and heavy. I think we all get a little queasy wrapping our rational mind around what it must be like at "ground zero". I've been hearing reports of survivors venturing out and finding bodies scattered here and there. There is no infrastructure left to deal with the dead. People are just throwing sheets over them (if available), and waiting.
That feeling of being powerless, to stop the hurricane, or to deal with it's effects... it's horrible.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I'm glad you're safe.
Hey - wrote a response that turned very long, decided to make that into a blog entry - the wine was a Cabernet, (I'm on a budget), would have loved a Syrah or Malbec......

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