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PLent of fish

Just had a tex of a woman I met on plenty of fish,a dating site.We talked for about a month and last saturday two tickets for Rod |Stewart live in Manchester fell into my lap.I never really fancied her from her pictures she put up on the site for people to view on her profile on the dating site.Long story short we met at a train station and off we went.I had a good time and she seid it was one of the best nights she ever had.She has sent a few tex since saturday but she's not for me and im struggling to tell her ask her not to think anymore of it but I would gladly keep in touch and have a laugh but after a date you find this is usually impossible as the connection has been made and one always wants more then the other.


Let her know you enjoyed hanging out with her, but unfortunately for you it wasn't more than friendship. You hope she understands and that there will be someone along to make her happy and sweep her off her feet someday. You were hoping to get the same feeling she seems to have, but it didn't happen and that if she would like to remain in contact as friends you would be more than happy to do so. (Not sure how much help I'm gonna be, being only 24)

you might suffer with ageism clnow3088..24 or 48 dating never an easy thing to do.Just tex her an told her..all good i think.

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