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Pitchin' Ain't Easy: Musty Worts are Teeming with Life!

It's been an interesting week. I decided to make the most of the Victoria day long weekend and cash in 4 vacation days to get 9 consecutive days off. I used the opportunity to fully commit to Operation: Hoarder's Bane. I managed to get all the junk removed and recycled. All that's left is a final sort of things to donate and I'm home free. I actually feel more rested by getting all that work done than if I just lazed around all week. I'll file it under the humans are weird category of psychology.

I also made the most of my week by getting some serious brewing done. My beer is hopped up and transferred into the secondary fermenter. I pitched the yeast into my wine must a couple days ago, and it looks like a strong healthy fermentation! I'm looking forward to trying out my Pinot Noir and Malbec wines. I think I'll take a gallon of each and put dark cherries into separate secondaries. It should have an interesting flavour profile. I might also blend a gallon of PN and M just to see what it would taste like. I heard that PN doesn't blend well though with other grapes. It'll be fun to try either way. I still have one cider to make after my beer is primed and bottled, but I want to age it a bit before I give it a beer-like finish. I honestly forgot how much fun this hobby is. Sanitizing everything is a huge PITA, but everything else is an absolute blast.

As soon as I wrap up the last of my To-Do list, it'll be time to bang my head against some grammar books in earnest. I'll start by removing sharp objects from my study room :p


I just bottled a batch of stout. God, I hate waiting a week or two for bottle-conditioning.
It' cool that you have the discipline and tenacity to brew wine, cider and beer. Variety, right?
And keep up the good work on de-cluttering.
Thanks! I'm hoping to have everything wrapped up soon. First day back to work was a stern reminder why I need to find a new job (not career). It's like my motivation is hemorrhaging with each passing moment.

The trick with beer is to have enough bottles for two full batches. I will stagger my beers so I will have two batches drinkable. One batch will be aging in a carboy, ready to prime and bottle as soon as I have enough empties. This will give me 3 different beers to choose from. I've got 48 1-liter EZ top bottles (glass). Makes life way simpler than the smaller sized beer bottles. I like to treat cider like a beer and give it the same finish. I have to double check, but I think it's the same amount of priming sugar as a Corona style beer. The carbonation makes them go down way too easy :lol:

As for wine/mead, it's where I get to let loose my inner mad scientist. I love experimenting with fruits and spices to bring out unique flavors. Good or bad, it's still drinkable so long as everything is sanitized and air tight. The wine kits I bought were literally 23L bags of sterile grape juice, so I plan to tweak it. Coffee beans? Dark Chocolate/coco nibbs? Cloves? Who knows? Lol

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