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Piggin' Sat Nav

Trying to find our hotel in Northern Portugal presented quite a challenge. Not only did our SatNav divert us from our route 25km early,

It directed us to an unknown location in the middle of nowhere via a single lane dirt track, and as it turned out in completely the wrong direction.

Has your SatNav ever led you astray? Please share your horror stories below...


sometimes it's not about getting there but the journey along the way.....my recent nightmare start to a journey was getting to Kings Cross then dropping my bag of at the hotel,shower and change of clothes, then on my way to Camden Town and putting my debit card in a cash machine and it swallowed it...never had a pot to piss in.
Sorry to hear about your half-brained satnav Pip. At least it didn't send you to a river or railway line like some of them. When I got my van a year ago, it came with three years free satnav use. I've never even taken it out of the bag. Mind you, it's rare for me to drive somewhere that I don't know, because I just service regular customers and visit friends across town. I find maps easier; satnavs just remind me of being nagged by my mum - a bit like those self-serve checkouts.

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