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Piece of Mindlessness

Don't mess with my Marine Corps.

For those that don't understand The Corps' mission, it's real simple: We hurt people and break things. Period.
Sure, there's all kinds of secondary logistical and political considerations. That's stuff for the pin-heads to work out.

No, there's a beauty and simplicity to what a Marine does. Those that don't know, often confuse the straight-forward nature of our mission with simple-mindedness.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
One of our mantras was "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome". We were constantly given missions with inadequate.... everything. Yet, we thrived on the chaos. It was kind of a sick game. Our dark humor was in overdrive, pondering how the upper echelons were going to mess stuff up, again. It didn't matter. We got the mission done.

With that preamble, I'm going to vent now.
There's this commercial where a former Marine is playing with her kids, claiming some company:
"Gave me peace of mind, just like The Marines did."


Peace of mind! Holy Cow! What Corps were YOU in? Where do I begin?
On a regular basis, we were put on "recall" and standby for deployment, somewhere. "Somewhere" was a place that we had to possibly go kill people. And in this game, those folks didn't like that, and wanted to kill us back. I was on the DMZ in Korea staring down the barrels of thousands of artillery pieces. I was in Honduras waiting for a Sandanista sniper to give me a field shave and a haircut. And our "allies" in Panama would put a knife in your back quicker than you could say Noriega.
I can honestly say that in none of those places I had "peace of mind". Knowing that we could go back to a place like that at any moment was not "peaceful".

Let me make this clear. The US Armed Forces ARE NOT a social program. They are not there to teach you skills, or make you feel better about yourself. They are there to defend this great country we live in. You join to serve, not be served.

You want "peace of mind"? Find a guru and meditate. But stay the hell out of my Corps.


:) This reminds me of the soldiers of ancient Rome, the empire. Many people think they just went about fighting a battle here and there, but the soldiers tended to also be impressive builders and engineers and many other things.

Still, I do find it humorous. I've heard many pitches for recruitment, but "peace of mind"? In the military? Who'd fall for that one?
Using the military to fix social problems is like using and expensive socket wrench and your 6 point deep well socket as a hammer. Yes you can do it...but it was never designed nor intended for such use.

A skilled mechanic knows what tool to use for each job.

Results...are never surpassed by intentions and good feelings, but they do make for great campaign slogans.

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