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Ebony eyed,
raven black hair
curled to the shoulder
next to his ear

Prominent nose
modest dark beard
neatly surrounding
a friendly wide smile

Flawless white teeth
invites conversation
discussions debates
critics contention

His sense of humor
flows on all levels
sophomoric, cerebral
silly and rye

Doubters, complainers
jesters and true
hearted companions
believers were few

The concept was strange
the words altered the ages
their meaning distorted
the sins armor plated

A man of the people
ahead of all time
a man worth the knowing
accused of a crime

You know the story
cross, body and blood
sins and the sinners

And how’s that workin’ out for us?
we all still sin
no one’s immune
the world’s still a mess
unceasingly cruel
eons since man
screwed the golden rule
and here we are...all again

Did the man
die in vain
does it matter these days
turning the pages
as nothing has changed
we are human
shall we be
man kind



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