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Pick a word, write 250+ words: Erudite...

Yet another installment of my writing and vocabulary building exercise. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, it came off a bit different than the others. I guess this is why it's called an exercise, though. I am stretching my literary brain muscles and seeing what I have to work with. Coming up with the pretexts to the scene is the hardest part. I had a few ideas, but this was the only one that solidified the more I thought on it. Really it just formed around the last sentence and the analogy "...erudite as the aged Earth itself..." Anyway, here's the meat:

er·u·dite [éryoo dyt] adj very knowledgeable, learned, wise: having or showing great knowledge gained from study

I might never come home, I thought.

I had stepped out of my home with every intention of returning. The journey ahead of me was a mission with an attainable goal. It had never occurred to me then that I may never find the man I was looking for, that I may fall before I had fulfilled this duty, that, even if I did bring my mission to completion, the path home may be forever closed to me.

My memory of him wasn’t as fresh as it had been four years ago. I could recall a smile marked by a wicked scar that ran diagonal across his mouth from his right ear and down his chin. All physical details aside from the scar were clouded by the thick mist of my memory’s progression into oblivion. The wound he had inflicted had begun my mind’s spiral into ultimate forgetfulness, but I clung to the clues that would lead me to him.

His druidic beliefs were the only other information that I had to lead my search. He had spoken of nature‘s forces--the forest, the wind and the waves--as if they were Gods. The way he had spoken of his beliefs were uncommon for this corner of the world. There was no doubt that there would be a witness who had heard his strange talk and would remember long enough to tell.

I realized that my path would not be open and clear… My path would be riddled with the obstructions of his Gods and the obliterating quality of time. Still, I’d search until I found him and then I would kill him. After all, I would never give up my hunt for him, the man who killed my sister-- not until I had become as erudite as the aged Earth itself, swallowed by its deepest crevice without a hope to take another step.


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