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phychiatric nurse or support worker......

when i go anywhere often enough i tend to mix at a distance and recently this guy steve who worked as a psychiatric nure or support worker has started opening up bit by bit as we sit in the sauna inbetween a swim. Over the years our conversations have been about the usual day to day stuff with out getting into any serious this is who i'am thing.The other day he was talking about some of the funny things he saw during his working day/night..a group of patients ordered in a whole duck one evening and while he was making a piece of toast he watched as they sat took a bit and passed it to the next one. I said it was like a seen from one flew over the cuckoo's nest and he replied more like one flew over the ducks nest..we both laughed and then he started onn about how he lost his job because he was sick for a long time,had a pacemaker fitted and went part time then his wife upt and left him which had the knock on effect of sending him into a downward spiral of drink and selfish behaviour.At first i'm thinking dude i come here to get away from all this but i like the man and we have a few things that we connect over but still he carries on that it's been 18 months since the break up and his niece has put him on a dating site and he asked me how do you approach messaging and meeting up. My initial reaction was are you sure your in the right place now to be looking for a partner..i myself have been on a dating site and put him onto some of the pitfalls and joys of getting into it.He sure he thinks it's time but over the last year i've watched him kind of lose himself and let himself go a bit but still through it all he kept coming the gym to get out of his place and doctors orders. He has two son's and they never really come up or have turned up there with him but he still feels connected even though he doesn't live with them anymore and i offered the pov..forget the dating site and just keep going out more with your kids and feed of their love and closeness but he said he needs someone in his life to share and be apart of a life he wants...i then say look man you can't go back and the chance of meeting someone who can give you what is gone is not an impossibility but the journey might nock you down more than give you a lift..he was adamant it wouldn't but often people from a distance can see and feel things about someone they hardly now much about..i feel for the guy and want him to get in that place were life is ok,today,tomorrow and the next day to....


i know this going to seem corny and naff, but maybe he should try a course or two.
There must be something that he wouldn't mind learning about.
I did a few night classes years ago, enjoyed the experience, and met lots of people.
I'm not one for strong friendships and i wasn't looking for romance but it really is the way to go.
That's good advice dither but he seems to think a partner is the best thing for him but I reckon he's scared of living alone for years..the guy has friends and a social life but he's determined to find a woman...guess he needs to do this but I think it's more of escaping his depression....

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