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Personal Libraries

We are all fellow writers here! we love to put pen to paper and create a symphony of words to create a story. But one thing that has been fascinating me is not the stories we share and intend to publish. the the ones we don't or at least not at this time, the ones that be come part of our personal libraries, never to see the light of day.

According to my writers journal I have approximately 40 World Stories and about 8 non-world stories, World is in regards to the world where most of my stories take place, becoming the history and lore of that world. Non-world are those that take place else outside the universe said world is in. And though a vast majority of these stories are in concept form, they have been bulletin from start to finish and in take have the potential of becoming a story (irregardless if I end up writing them or not).

Then there are those stories that the finish or revised version is a far-cry from the original draft, making it almost two separate stories, albeit the rough is meant to never see the light of day, and I have some awful first drafts. :p . I even write side stories that explore the differences between the rough and revision and even alternate timelines with the characters interacting with each other.

And here is where the bulletin concepts, roughs and side stories become part of a personal library, that will never been seen by anyone else, till the day I die and whom ever inherits my words mistakes them for publishable stories and tries to do just that. :p .

And I feel it is fair to assume, that we all have this secret or private library of our own works we'll never share, mostly out of horror of what we have written in our youths or roughs. and just the thought that these stories exists fascinates me, and would love to see them despite the shared feeling of horror to let anyone see them.

does anyone else have a secret/private library? how many books do you have in it? (Concepts, roughs, rejected, etc.).


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