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In honor of my lady's birthday yesterday, I humbly submit this further example of what I call verse:


As I sit...
Missing you
As I stand...
Missing you
As I lie...
Lonely again, missing you
And the scent of vanilla wafts through the air
I remember:
The first sight of you
The first half-shy smile
Our first embrace
The feel of you against me
and the promise of tomorrow
As I smoke...
Missing you
As I dream...
Missing you
As I lie...
my bed once again empty
Missing only you
Your scent still on the pillows and the sheets, still in the air, charged with the memory of you as am I
And charged also with the hope that you will once again brighten my doorway and my life
With your charm and your wit and your impudent tongue that thrusts outward whenever our lips meet, and most of all your love, which warms me and refreshes me and reminds that this vale is not all pain and loss and suffering, nay, far from it
As long as you are a part of this world
I love you, and I miss you


Thank you both. The poem was written when she had to go back to New York for a while.

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